At Daveni, we are focused and committed to achieving excellence in Civil and Mechanical Engineering. We employ a result oriented, organized and well-structured outfit to fulfill this. Our services and well adopted innovation have proved not only to be efficient and cost effective but adequately cater for the general need of all clients.

Our aim is to sanitize, uphold high standards and operational procedures within the built-up environment in Nigeria. Our strength lies in our wealth of experience and exposure. We rely on these attributes in discharging our tailored services effectively and promptly.

We maintain 100% transparency and accountability with our distinguished clients and strive to build and sustain a good working relationship with them and also with our technical partners in and outside Nigeria.

[icon target=”” icon=”fa fa-simplybuilt” position=”icon-left” title=”Civil works/construction”](office and residential buildings, warehouses, malls)[/icon][icon target=”” icon=”fa fa-cube” position=”icon-left” title=”Provision of detailed designs”]documentation for the construction & implementation of civil engineering projects[/icon][icon target=”” icon=”fa fa-filter” position=”icon-left” title=”Installation”]Drilling of bore holes & Installation of Water Treatment Plants (WTP)[/icon]
[icon target=”” icon=”fa fa-briefcase” position=”icon-left” title=”Structural design and consultancy”][/icon][icon target=”” icon=”fa fa-bitbucket” position=”icon-left” title=”Sewage consultancy”](Registered with the Lagos State Wastewater Management Office)[/icon][icon target=”” icon=”fa fa-undo” position=”icon-left” title=”Duct/Extraction line”]Supply, Installation & maintenance of Duct/Extraction line[/icon]
[icon target=”” icon=”fa fa-industry” position=”icon-left” title=”Sewage Treatment Plants (STP)”]Design, construction, installation & management[/icon][icon target=”” icon=”fa fa-flask” position=”icon-left” title=”Water Proofing”][/icon][icon target=”” icon=”fa fa-cog” position=”icon-left” title=”sewage equipment’s and machines”]Supply of sewage equipment’s and machines[/icon]

Our Partners

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