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Our Services

Our involvement spans from the initial project design, selection of the appropriate process and equipment, to the commissioning of installations

What we do

Our portfolio encompasses a wide range of infrastructural support services.

  1. Design, Installation, and Maintenance of Automated Sewage Treatment Plants.
  2. Design, Installation and Maintenance of Automated Water Treatment Plants.
  3. Water proofing
  4. Sewage consultancy (Registered with Lagos State Wastewater Management Office)
  5. Industrial Borehole Drilling
  6. Supply, installation, & maintenance of kitchen extraction system.
  7. Supply and installation of HVAC System.
  8. Professional plumbing services
  9. Maintenance, repair & operations (MRO)
  10. Water abatement services
  11. All others related civil, waste, and environmental services

No need to look further while you have us

We pride ourselves with the topmost talents and team members in every sphere of our business interest, making professionalism, Excellence, and exceptional service delivery at the centre of every transaction.

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