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About Us

Our commitment extends wholeheartedly to our customers, partners, and the communities surrounding our facilities in Nigeria.

Executive Summary

We are focused and committed to achieving excellence in sewage, water, and all the related environmental services. We employ a result-oriented, organized and well structured outfit to achieve this. Our services and well adopted Innovations have proved not only to be efficient and cost-effective, but adequately cater for the general need of all clients.

Our aim is to sensitize, uphold high standards, and operational procedures within the built of environment in Nigeria. Our strength lies in our wealth of experience and exposure. We rely on these attributes in discharging auto services effectively and promptly.

We maintain 100% transparency and accountability with a distinguished client, and strive to build and sustain a good working relationship with them, and our technical partners in and outside Nigeria.


DAVENI Nigeria Limited was incorporated in Nigeria in July 2013, with the aim of providing Nigerians with quality and specific services that meets their aspirations with regards to sewage and water engineering services.

We employ the right approach and attitude to deliver excellent services. Daveni Nigeria limited has developed an enviable reputation in the urban development sector.

Lastly, we want to contribute to Nigeria by providing gainful employment, professional training, personal development and management skills for individuals. And also act in an advisory capacity to government and organizations.

Strategic Objectives

Our vision is underpinned by the following strategic objectives to:

  1. Cultivate decent standards
  2. Provide excellent services
  3. Educate and provide adequate information to all clients.
  4. Instill a value for money in the services we provide.
  5. Ensure customer satisfaction in every services delivered to our clients.

To be one of the leading sewage and water engineering establishment in Nigeria. We are focused on delivering our services with transparency, professionalism, and promptness. Furthermore, the constant assessment of our performance with the aim of discharging or improving on existing standards, makes us committed to delivering excellent service always.

Our main aim is to make good profit and at the same time provide professional and quality services that meets international standards,
thereby satisfying clients, while creating an awareness of an enabling, healthy, well planned environment, and providing a unique opportunity for discerning individuals, corporate bodies, organizations and governments in Nigeria.

Our values guide our activities on a daily basis. These values though employed for revenue creation and economic, viability and strength; we recognize and understand the importance of upholding ethical value, such as honesty, diligence, discipline, integrity, and strict compliance with all regulations of the various governments in Nigeria. These ethics being essential and a pivotal driving force to our entrepreneurial, economical and financial quest.

Being Entrepreneurial is essentially being innovative. Being innovative presumes being different from the crowd. Thinking out of the box, going where no one has gone before is essentially our forte; and these values are internally projected and aimed at achieving certain mental attitudes that differentiate us, and there by positioning us for success.


No need to look further while you have us

We pride ourselves with the topmost talents and team members in every sphere of our business interest, making professionalism, Excellence, and exceptional service delivery at the centre of every transaction.

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